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Students finish accelerated MBA in China


See how students finished their MBA program at an accelrated pace.

The inaugural class of the College of Charleston’s new fast-track master of business administration degree is about to finish the program, but not before a trip to China to learn about the business climate and culture there.

Alan Shao, dean of the college’s business school, said the 13-month accelerated MBA program, which was launched last summer, has been a success so far. The program focuses on business in the Charleston area, but also strives to bring students global knowledge, he said. “I didn’t think our business school could be a real business school without being global”.

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Accelerated Colleges


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Accelerated BSN Programs – Earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing online

Accelerated BSN Programs

From the comfort of your own home, accelerated BSN programs allow you to earn your bachelor’s in just 12 to 18 months. This will vary depending on the student and how much of the science and math prerequisites that have been completed.

The courses closely mirror a traditional program, and students will still have to complete clinical hours. The main difference is that the courses are compacted with quarters lasting sometimes half the time of a typical school.

Accelerated BSN Programs



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3-year Bachelor’s Degrees Make Sense as Tuitions Increase


With tuitions going higher it makes sense to have more accelerated degrees. Most students want to finish their degree a quickly as possible so they can start their career. Many colleges around the country now have accelerated programs. Some are online while others are in traditional classrooms. Check out the accelerated degree site below if this is something you have been looking for.

It’s no secret that state colleges and universities are going to get hammered in the final 2011-13 state budget being negotiated by the state House and Senate budget leaders.

The Senate budget would cut $643 million from universities and colleges. The Senate offsets part of the cut by allowing tuition increases of 16 percent for the University of Washington, Washington State University and Western Washington University; 14 percent for Central and The Evergreen State College; 11 percent for Eastern and 12 percent for community colleges.


The House would cut $603 million while allowing tuition increases of 13 percent for UW, WSU and Western, 11.5 percent for Eastern, Central and Evergreen and 11 percent for community colleges.

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Top 30 Highest Paying Degrees – a few surprises here

With starting salaries at $93,000 for an undergraduate degree, this list is worth checking out.

Degrees range from engineering to construction management and everywhere in between.

Full story:  Highest Paying Degrees



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