Accelerated Degrees Help Adults That are Going Back to School


Looking to go back to shcool. Check into an online accelerated degree program of your choice. These degree programs can save you time and money.

Like many adults who return to college, Malika Simmons started out taking one or two classes at a time.

Simmons, 39, plans to graduate from Medgar Evers College this spring with a bachelor’s degree in applied management. The aspiring talk-show host and mother of two teenagers, who was able to start taking classes full-time two years ago, also works in the college’s communications department and tutors math.

Simmons, who earned an associate’s degree from Kingsborough Community College in 1995, was surprised by how much faculty and students relied on technology.

You submit your homework online,” she said. “You download your homework.”

Simmons said getting used to this was frustrating, but she asked classmates for help. In turn she contributed organizational skills and real-world experience.

Flexibility is especially important for returning students.

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Accelerated Degrees


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